Fakeshop produces media installations with attention to situational architectures and architectural situations. Observation and voyeurism are a thematic thread in the work, with CCTV systems, chatrooms, and webcams recurring in various iterations.

An example work For Display Only set in an abandoned Beijing factory (2008) featured an assemblage of beauty salon barber poles re-purposed as stage prop for a series of performances during the run of the exhibition.

.net elements (streaming media, broadcasting & websites) has been central in the deployment of the works since the early days of 90s net art. and continue to play a central role in more recent works.

Jeff Gompertz

Jeff Gompertz (*USA) combines new technologies with traditional tools of production to create theatrical installations with a minimalist bent. An attention to situational architectures and architectural situations, a fascination with hyperreality theoretics, these play an ongoing role in his work, reflected in the group name Fakeshop, which he formed as a collective in 1997. The pieces often address contemporary themes and social issues in response to the site of installation, incorporating live video, hidden cameras, web broadcasting, and performance elements.

A core member of, he participated in numerous experimental internet broadcasts and webcast performances in the early days of the net art movement. His work has been exhibited internationally, including at; The Whitney Biennial/ USA, Ars Electronica/Austria, ARCO/Spain, and Japan Foundation/Japan.

*Currently working in Bangkok.

Selected exhibitions:

2017: Pomp. group show, Bangkok Thailand
2015: CCTV Selfie, BACC, Bangkok Thailand
2012: Within These Walls, group show, BACC, Bangkok Thailand
2012: Proxy – Public interventions, Bangkok Thailand
2011: Proxy, WTF, Bangkok Thailand
2010: Gallery Sitter, BACC, Bangkok Thailand
2008: HYCAC, Beijing China
2007: For Display Only Group show, A-space, Beijing China
2007: For Display Only, 798 arts festival, Beijing China
2006: Super-deluxe, Tokyo Japan
2005: Arco art fair, Madrid Spain
2003: Cooper Hewitt Museum, NYC USA
2002: Franklin Furnace, NYC USA
2001: Deitch Projects, NYC USA
2001: The Kitchen, NYC USA
2000: Whitney Museum, NYC USA
2000: Eyebeam, NYC USA
1999: Ars Electronica, Linz Austria

Selected works:

08 This video is no longer available
Beijing, China

07 Floor Sample
Beijing, China

07 For Display Only
Beijing, China

06 Second Life performance
Tokyo / Beijing

06 Color Mirror
Bangkok Thailand

06 Diva
New York, NY

05 Corridor (obedience study #2)
ARCO, Spain

05 Corridor (obedience study #1 )
Cologne art fair, Germany